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Dead Rock N Roll Call

By malcolm Published: March 12, 2007

Damn, that's a lot of dead people.
An entire era..a very important era the foundations of modern R&B.
I didn't know Grant McClennan of The Go Betweens died.
...Ladies & gentleman, Mr. Robert Lockwood Jr.

Ahmet Ertegun is going to get a lot of love tonight from the entire room.

Stephen Stills sure looks like he's done some hard living doesn't he?
Gee, thanks Steve.
On behalf of Black Culture, I thank you for your kind words...Now, please sit down and let Aretha sing..

The Frozen don't hear many Korean War references at the Rock Induction Ceremon

I was going to write something borderline disrespectful about the Queen of Soul's Wig but then my wife reminded me that at we least we can't see her cleavage which she has been unafraid to share with the general public for the past several years.

Seriously, though..all that weight can't be healthy for her heart.




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