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Faith Hill sings for ABBA at Rock Hall

By malcolm Published: March 15, 2010

Let's hear it for ABBA for staying retired.
That's not an indictment on those who don't or come back and enjoy themselves. But it's a welcome bit of self-awareness that that they are willing to roll with the real and admit that they don't have it vocally (at least according to Frida).
Plus they don't need to work.

Benny ponders what it would be like if all the folks in the Rock Hall never existed.
Perry Como would be a music might have been a little like this.

Just kidding..

Here's some ABBA

Hey, is it me or is Faith Hill is a little flat on the big notes in Winner Takes it All
Randy Jackson would say it was a little "pitchy, dawg"

OK, so it's the songwriters and then some sort of jam, presumably.

Watching Odette and Otis Blackwell Jr. get verklempt while accepting for their father Otis Blackwell, it reminds that often it's the families of the inductees (especially surviving family members) who are most emotionally moved by their relatives induction.
It almost makes sitting through their long speeches bearable.




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