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Fleetwood Mac to Play Cleveland in April

By malcolm Published: January 20, 2009

Live Nation and Quickens Loans Arena announced Monday that Classic rockers Fleetwood Mac will perform at "Da Q" on Friday, April 17.
The tour dubbed Greatest Hits "Unleashed" tour will feature the current version of the band i.e. Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie.

Tickets for the show will be $49.50, $79.50 and (gulp) $150 and will go on sale Monday,January 26 at all Ticketmaster locations and

Last March, Sheryl Crow was intimating/claiming that she was asked to join the band on the "Unleashed" tour to take the retired Christine McVie's place in the band at the behest of her buddy Nicks. But a few days later Buckingham refuted the claim by saying she and the band may work together in the future, but the prospect of her "joining" the band was remote.

Oooh, soft rock catfight!

But in December Nicks cleared up all the ummm...rumors (sorry) in a Rolling Stone interview and as is often the case, the truth is a bit less exciting

""What happened is that it was absolutely discussed and [Sheryl] absolutely was invited to join the band. The reason was I wanted another woman in the band, because I missed Christine so bad that it was just really hard for me to be in the boys club.
What happened was, really... everybody thinks it was just because Sheryl got really excited and told the world about it a little bit too early.
That wasn't what it was.
I started explaining to Sheryl what it was going to be like to be in this band. It's all-encompassing, and for somebody with a new baby...for a woman in her forties with a new baby, and as loving and as nurturing as Sheryl Crow is... if you know her, you know that she just is a caretaker.
We had a conversation at the beginning of this year. I said, 'I rented a studio,' and it was around Mother's Day.
'You need to come in and we need to play music for two days, because we should. It's not an audition for us, it's not an audition for you, it's just us to play music. We'll set it all up and we'll be on a stage and have great monitors, and all your pianos and everything will be set up. We're just going to rock for two days, go out to dinner and hang out. We need to do that.'

Nicks goes on to say that while she desperately wanted another shot of estrogen on stage and on tour, she felt compelled to warn Crow that touring with Fleetwood Mac was an all-consuming (money making) endeavor that would control her life for much of the year and essentially talked Crow out of it through the use of basic logic.

The "Unleashed" tour coincides with the re-release of the band's diamond selling (that's 10 million records, folks) beloved radio staple Rumors which will include a DVD of heretofore unseen footage of the band, a bunch of demos from the Rumors sessions and other unreleased bits and pieces.
For longtime fans the good thing is they won't have to sit through four or five new songs to get to Gold Dust Woman.

Also, last time I saw FM (I think it was there previous tour from five years ago) there were a ridiculous amount of extra folks onstage including two extra drummers/percussionist at least one (and possibly two) extra guitarist(s) and an "extra" keyboard player.

Nevertheless it was a good show and very, very familiar in a comfort food kind of way.

Also, Lindsey Buckingham is a better guitarist then most folks think.




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