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From Cleveland Ohio, It's the 2009 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Induction!!`

By malcolm Published: April 4, 2009

Hi, Little Anthony and the Imperials just finished their performance.
Tears on my Pillow and two other songs I can't name because I was looking for an outlet for my laptop (cuz I know you care)

A couple of early observation:

Ok, I went to this thing in NYC when The O'Jays and Pretenders were inducted and I gotta be honest.
The (free) food at the Waldord was much better. Cold cuts, drinks, cheese it wasn't fancy but it was actual food.
Public Hall?
Chips, soda (I'm sorry I meant "pop") and chips and once they were gone that's all she wrote.
Not that big a deal but blogs are all about recording trivial thoughts for the world to see, right?

On a more important note, Metallica, Jimmy Page and Run D.M.C. are the big stars this evening as far as much of the crowd is concerned (though Wanda Jackson got a good hand from the 5000 real folks too).
Also, start time was eight and judging from the first 15 minutes, the producers are gonna keep this puppy rolling as fast as possible to get us all outta here by 11 p.m.

Smokey Robinson is talking about Little Anthony & The Imperials and I must say Smokey look great.

Hey, One of the Imperials just lobbied for a Grammy. "We have a new CD out, We want a GRAMMY!," he said to applause and laughter

Be right back, they're leaving the stage and coming back here




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