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From the "ungreat ideas" files

By malcolm Published: August 20, 2007

editors note: A reader pointed out to me that I initially got my 80's hair bands mixed up in the following ramble and repeatedly referred to Great White as White Lion.
My apologies to both bands, and it's been fixed.
Also, thanks to the the same reader for the Elton John/John Holmes clarification. Apparently, I have been modeling my entire lifestyle after the wrong guy...that might explain why the $4000 hairpiece and tiny dog I bought aren't helping me much with the ladies.

AP reports that Alrosa Villa the Columbus concert club where Dimebag Darrell and four other people was shot and killed by a crazed fan will welcome Great White, the hair metal band whose onstage pyro set a Rhode Island club ablaze and killed 100 people.

No one is suggesting that Great White shouldn't work and fans shouldn't have the opportunity to place their lives in the hands of the band's roadies and go see G.W. perform.
Additionally, no one is suggestion that Alrosa Villa shouldn't book bands that folks want to see, but why voluntarily have your own deadly, tragic past intersect directly with someone else's deadly, tragic past.

When the chance came to book G.W. club manager Rick Cautela said he thought about all of the implications and inevitable attention and asked other folks' opinions. Many of those asked told him it was a bad idea. He didn't listen.

‘‘I booked them because I love the '80s people and those
bands,’’ he said. ‘‘And who doesn't love the (Great White) song
'Once Bitten, Twice Shy'?’’

(editors note: Oooh! Me! Me! Me!)

Great White front man Jack Russell said he understood why
some would want to blame the Alrosa Villa or Great White for
the tragedies.¶
The singer said his band would never fully get over the fire
and those who died, including Great White guitarist Ty Longley,
but they needed to keep going.¶
‘‘Hopefully my music will continue to enhance people's lives
and maybe in some small way contribute happiness in some
people's lives,’’ Russell said. ‘‘Unfortunately, this will be a
legacy that will live with the band forever.’’¶

That's for sure.
I talked to Jack Russell before they played some club in this general area (sorry I don't remember, I didn't go.) a year or two after the fire.
He seemed genuinely contrite (how could he not be) about the pain caused and experienced by everyone and talked a bit about the many sleepless nights and the ripple effect for friends and family of the deceased.

But life does have to keep movin on..

Still, I don't know.. it's just kinda creepy.




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