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Grammys are GO!

By malcolm Published: February 10, 2008

Well, this has been fun so far hasn't it?

For the love of (omniscient deity) can we have some sort of moriutorum on Duets with the Dead?!
Alicia Keys and Ol Blues Eyes, great, please dont' do that again.

It was nice to see the Time...the original Time...damn, them dudes is old and Morris Day was dressed like The award statue at the annual Pimps and Hoes Ball.
Interesting medley with Rihanna but hey! it was one of a kind ,ey?

I wish they'd just get to the AMY WINEHOUSE thing already so we can move on.

Congratulations to her for Best New Artist, though she's really not new.

Tina Turn and Beyonce.....does Beyonce own a skirt that comes down to her knees?
I'm not complaining, just wondering.
Nice to see Tina can still work it out there with the younguns, and Miss B paying her respects.

Kanye West looks like the cover of an 80's new wave album.

Was there any doubt that Kanye would win Best Rap album? I didn't think so.

Aretha Franklin....sounds great...nice big GOspel blowout with trinity 357 (as opposed to Oaktown .357) and the Glark Sisters et al.
See these are the special one of a kind moments that the Supe Bowl has given up on.
No wardrobe malfunctions at the Grammys...though Amy Winehouse hasn't gone on yet..




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