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Grammys are GO!

By malcolm Published: February 12, 2012

There's a lot of people on stage but it's still missing something without the Big Man Clarence Clemons.

Nowadays, the Grammy telecast and most music related award shows are all about the highly touted one-of-a-kind performances so let's enjoy them and pick them apart, and count how many awards Adele wins tonight, shall we?

Kudos to Grammys telecast host L.L. Cool J (there's a phrase that would have been nearly unthinkable 25 years ago) for deftly acknowledging Whitney Houston's death.
"There is no way around this. We've had a death in our family, he said before reading a prayer and then smoothly letting everyone in the room know it's OK to enjoy themselves.
That was followed by Bruno Mars uptempo and upbeat and pretty tight performance which further loosened everyone up.

Adele + 2

Hey it's Chris Brown!
Man, the American Pop markets acceptance of dance/electronic music, sure has widened our pop music sound. Europe has always loved the stuff, but it's only been a about 10 years since techno/house pop became so prevalent. Yeah, there was Madonna Vogueing and Respecting Herself at the top of the charts but one of the songs Chris Brown performed is very much rooted in late 80/early 90s style house music and it's all up in contemporary R&B.

Also Nicki Minaj is dressed like Little Red Round-The-Way Riding Hood.

Another win for Kanye West whose best rap album winning My Dark Beatuiful Twisted Fantasy wasn't nominated for album of the year.

Cute commercial with the girls on the bus singing Adele...

Jason Aldean's Mike crapped out on him during his duet with Kelly Clarkson...Live TV FOLKS!




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