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I'm not one for Rumor and Conjecture..but

By malcolm Published: July 21, 2007's some rumor and conjecture I just received from a fellow music geeks (thanks Sheppard).

According to an "insider source" of Rolling Stone's there is talk that Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page will team with bassist Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty to as tour as THE YARDBIRDS.

This would of course be pretty damn cool reunion as Plant and Page were only in the the band together for a short time in the 60's.
Unless they picked David Coverdale or some other crappy hack to take the place of original singer Keith Relf's.
It's a good thing Scott Weiland's already gotta job, eh?
Axl Rose probably isn't to busy...Paul Rodgers and Pagey were in The Firm together in the 80's and Paul will (apparently) sing with anybody.

Besides, if Cream can put aside their differences and reform for a few special nights to generate a huge pile of money and have some fun before remembering why they couldn't stand to be around each other too long (even when they were all on really good drugs,) then don't the The Yardbirds deserve to gain access to those same money piles?

The Boomers are only getting older, more nostalgic and more and more willing to pay googobs of cash to revel in memories of their salad days.......




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