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Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page are rockin....I think..

By malcolm Published: April 4, 2009

It's Jeff Beck's turn and unsurpsiringly, they started with the old clip of him saying a freindly "F-Em" to his former Yardbird members because "they fired me, they did! So F-Em"
I'll bet something he says tonight will end up in future montages.

Hey look! It's Max Weinberg at Gary Tallent!

Max Weinberg's son will be sitting in with Bruce and the E Street Band while Max Weinberg gets the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien going.

Max Weinberg just refered to Swingos as a legendary establishment and added "we did our share of staying at Swingoes"
He suggests you ask Clarence Clemons because he the only one "authorized" to share the good Swingos stories.

Also, photographers are kinda obnoxious.
"Max! Over here! Ronny (Wood) up here!
Hold up your Award! There Ya GO!"

DJ Fontana says that back in the day Elvis was quite lenient didn't do much yelling. he also chose all of his own material, new exactly what he wanted and could explain to you what he wanted which was helpful.
Fontana also said that The Big E could play a little bass, a little guitara and a little piano and he used to tell him, "man, you play just enough to be dangerous."
"I'm glad I got it before I died," Fontana said of the award.

speaking of "F" words I'm screaming one right now because as Bill Black's lovely wife is saying nice words about receiving this award on behalf of their father, Jeff Beck and Jimmy age are jamming onstage.
I can hear it rumbling the building aand I can see it on the monitors and it looks pretty cool.
This waas one of the moments to which I was reaally looking forward.
What are they playing?
Beck's 21 year old (female) bass player is pretty hot and not just beecaause she's physically attractive, but because she's also very talented.

Hey! Beck is playing Peter Gunn!
You know for all the screaming and growling leads that Beck is known for choking out of his guitars, he is also arguably the best ballad player in rock.
His version of Cause We Ended as Lovers is lovely (even Stevie Wonder said so) and his take on Mingus' Goodbye Porkpie Hat is classic.
I sure wish I had seen his entire mini-set.

Hey it's the roll call of dead, let's see whose death I forgot - hey there's Sean Levert...oh yeah, Jerry Reed died..and a Spinner..and a membver of the Descendents...and Jimmy Carl Black (the indian of the group)...Alton Ellis died?, Mikey Dread died? he perfomred at Lock 3 just a few years ago...goold show. There's Lux Interior...I didn't know blues guitarist (and Maconite) Robert Ward Died.
Bo Diddley gets a big hand

Be right back, here comes Page and Beck




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