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Massillon emcee Stalley releases new mixtape "Honest Cowboy"

By Malcolm Abram Published: August 9, 2013

Massillon bred Maybach Music associated emcee Stalley has released his latest mixtape "Honest Cowboy."

Stalley is easily the least promoted member of Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group with other members including Wale, Meek Mill, Gunplay and French Montana (tangent: I'm changing my emcee name to Laotion Nebraska) getting big pushes for their releases

He's appeared on all their compilations since joining in 2011, but his solo stuff including the well received Lincoln Way Nights doesn't seem to get the same shine as other MMG's artists. Perhaps Stalley's blue-collar, midwestern lyrical style and subject matter which tends to forgo strippers odes, name brand stuff and falacious tales of being a drug lord for bars about having to work for a living in a messed up economy, his obsession with classic American Muscle Cars and relationships (like, actual interpersonal relationships, giving money and/or mollies to women in return for services is more of a business deal) is proving difficult for MMG to promote.

Also people like dumb down lyrics with chant-worthy hooks, which, heretofore haven't been Stalley's raison d'etre, 


Anyway, here ya go. Support your local rap star.


Download Stalley's "Honest Cowboy": 

Today marks the release of Stalley's latest "Honest Cowboy", which includes features from Scarface, Schoolboy Q, Joi Tiffany and Crystal Torres, as well as production by DJ Quik, Cardo, S1, Block Beattaz, Rashad, Soundtrakk and Terrace Martin.  

1. “Spaceships & Woodgrain” (Prod. DJ Quik & Cardo)
2. “Swangin’” feat. Scarface & Joi Tiffany (Prod. Block Beataz)
3. “Samson” (Prod. Rashad)
4. “The Highest” feat. Crystal Torres (Prod. Block Beataz)
5. “Cup Inside a Cup” (Prod. Black Diamond)
6. “Feel the Bass” (Prod. Block Beataz)
7. “NineteenEighty7″ feat. ScHoolboy Q (Prod. Terrace Martin)
8. “Raise Your Weapons” (Prod. Block Beataz)
9. “Long Way Down” feat. Crystal Torres (Prod. Soundtrakk)
10. “Gettin’ By” (Prod. S1)




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