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More Grammys telecast....

By malcolm Published: February 12, 2012

It's Rhianna and Coldplay!
Well, more accurately it's Rhianna, then it's Rhianna and Chris Martin and then it's Coldplay.
More house/techno flavored grooves from one of today's biggest pop stars.

Anyone else think Rhianna's hair looks like the hair-do Sybil Danning use to rock back in the day?
Sybil Danning, anyone?
Chained Heat? (1983)
Reform School Girls? (1986)
Amazon Women on the Moon? (1987)

No one? Ok, nevermind.

Perusing some of the pre-telecast winners and Hey! Congratulations to Booker T. Jones for winning best pop instrumental album for his lauded 2011 release The Road from Memphis featuring both a cover of Lauren Hill's Everything Is Everything and a song with Lou Reed.

Tony Bennett continues to add to his impressive career total collecting his 16th, 17th and 18th Grammy so far.

The Foo Fighters are also already big winners having won four.
I'm a fan of Dave Grohl's but when he touts how the band recorded Walking In Light in his garage with a couple of microphones, it rings pretty hollow.
He neglects to mention that his garage is the size of an average ranch style house and that those few microphones led to an awesome huge (analog) mixing board (that probably cost more than your car) manned by Butch frickin' Vig (who services probably cost more than your house and your car put together).
I'm just saying, it's not quite like the 80s D.I.Y punk days to which Dave constantly clings.

Professional athletes who aren't superstars handing out Grammy awards is a pretty new phenomenon, isn't it?

It's the (surviving) BEACH BOYS!
Holy crap they're old.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad their still around, but whew, time is an unforgiving mistress.
These guys have been at personal and professional war for various reasons for so long it is nice to see them at least pretend to get along.
And though they have plenty of help onstage, they still sound pretty good.

Adam Levine doesn't know the chorus to Good Vibrations...




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