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Reborn Lilith Fair coming to Blossom in July

By malcolm Published: March 29, 2010

Back from the 20th Century, Lilith Fair returns to active duty at Blossom Music Center on July 27.
The 90's traveling music festival gave many a female artist an opportunity to find an audience and show that a bunch of woman can come together, ply their artistry and make tons of money.

The lineups are still evolving from city to city, but according to, the Blossom show will include, Sarah McLachlan, Mary J. Blige, Court Yard Hounds, Serena Ryder, Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, Nikki Jean, Zee Avi, Anjulie and more.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "rock theatre" rocks E.J. Thomas..theatrically

By malcolm Published: March 27, 2010

Full Disclosure: I've never seen T.S.O's bread & butter Holiday shows, so I've no comparison for the Beethoven's Last Night show at E.J. Thomas. If you're a big T.S.O. fan, I apologize for my lack of previous T.S.O. experience. If you're not a T.S.O. fan, well then, it probably doesn't matter as they seem to be polarizing among music fans and you probably hate them.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra leader Paul O'Neill has been successfully riding the group's holiday tour for more than a decade, bringing rocked-up, elaborately arranged takes on Christmas tunes to the masses and making a killing in the process.

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Phish to play Blossom in June

By malcolm Published: March 26, 2010

All right all you Phisheads (or whatever the hell you're calling yourselves these days)
Now's the time buy a new hacky sack, practice your meatstick dance and shop around for a gallon drum of patchouli oil (did I hit all the stereotypes?) because your prayers have been answered and you won't even have to drive to Vermont.

That's right phans, PHISH will be performing at The Blossom Music Center on Saturday, June 12.

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Willie Nelson & Family coming to the Akron Civic Theatre May 11

By malcolm Published: March 16, 2010

Country and pop music singing/songwriting legend Willie Nelson & Family will be performing at the Akron Civic Theatre on Thursday, May 11.

Tickets for the show go on sale this Friday, March 19.

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Songwriters Tribute wraps up 2010 Rock Hall Induction

By malcolm Published: March 16, 2010

Songwriters Tribute Setlist
-Save The Last Dance For Me (sung in a stripped down style by Rob Thomas)
-Be My Baby (Ronnie Spector who said she loved "Ellen Degeneres" instead of Ellie Greenwich and sounded rough)
-We Gotta Get Out of This Place (Eric Burdon who sounds pretty good)
- Don't Be Cruel (Chris Isaak doing a decent Elvis impression)
-Money Honey (Peter Wolf)
River Deep, Mountain High (Fefe Dobson trying way too hard channel Tina instead of just singing the song...she looks the part, though.)
Shake Rattle Roll (all of the tribute singers struggling to read the teleprompter)

Not bad, some good moments hopefully it'll be in Cleveland next year...

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Faith Hill sings for ABBA at Rock Hall

By malcolm Published: March 15, 2010

Let's hear it for ABBA for staying retired.
That's not an indictment on those who don't or come back and enjoy themselves. But it's a welcome bit of self-awareness that that they are willing to roll with the real and admit that they don't have it vocally (at least according to Frida).
Plus they don't need to work.

Benny ponders what it would be like if all the folks in the Rock Hall never existed.
Perry Como would be a music might have been a little like this.

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Jimmy Cliff joins Bob Marley as second reggae star inducted into Rock Hall

By malcolm Published: March 15, 2010

Wyclef Jean is babbling but at least he means it.

Wow, Jimmy Cliff's shiny silver jacket....Rock n' Roll

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Iggy Pop is scary Stooges inducted into Rock Hall

By malcolm Published: March 15, 2010

Let's hear it for Billy Joe Armstrong for so eloquently proving the point I and others have been trying to make for years about the influence of The Stooges.

I hope that guys who wrote me every year I complained about The Stooges snub heard that list. Even if the doesn't know 80 percent of those bands.

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Phish opens Rock Hall Induction ceremony with Genesis "Watcher of The Skies"

By malcolm Published: March 15, 2010

Whoo Hoo!

As a long time (old school) Genesis geek I gotta say Watcher of the Skies is a pretty good opener for the scheduled four (4!) hour program.

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Pearl Jam coming to Cleveland in May

By malcolm Published: March 11, 2010

Grunge survivors Pearl Jam will be embarking on an 11 city Spring tour of the Midwest and east coast including a stop at Quicken Loans Arena on May 9.
The band's 2009 release Backspacer has been mostly hailed as "return to form" (which happens pretty much anytime a rock band that's been around for 15 or more years makes a "back-to-basics" rawk record) and arguably their best record of the century debuting at number on on the Billboard charts. The album released on the band's own Monkeywrench records has been certified Gold, but record sales don't really mean crap to tour mon$ter$ like PJ so that's just extra ca$h for the band.

With Matt Cameron about to join the reunited Soundgarden, who may be headlining a few summer festivals, who knows when Pearl Jam will hit the road again so snap up your tickets.

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Video: Talk of the Town

By Dan Published: March 11, 2010

Mark Linkous aka Sparklehorse dead at 47

By malcolm Published: March 8, 2010

Singer/songwriter Mark Linkous better known as indie rock artist Sparklehorse has died from a self inflicted gunshot wound on Saturday, according to his family.
Linkous most recent releases are the collaborative albums Dark Night of the Soul with Danger Mouse featuring a slew of guests singing his words and the In The Fishtank 15 made with electronic artist Fennezz as part of the continuing In The Fishtank series.
Reports say Linkous who in 1996 while on tour with Radiohead accidentally overdosed on a combination of alcohol and prescription pills that left him unable to use his legs for sixth months. Linkous was staying with friends in Knoxville when after an upsetting series of texts with a still unknown person walked into a nearby alley, pointed his own rifle at his chest and pulled the trigger.
According to his manager Shelby Meade, Linkous was nearly done with his upcoming album slated to be released on Anti- Records.

On Saturday, Meade and Linkous family posted the following on his website

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Video: Talk of the town

By Dan Published: March 4, 2010

Enjoy editor Yvonne Bruce Webb and pop music writer Malcolm X Abram talk about area events --- musical and otherwise.

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