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Phantom of the (Rock/Jazz/Fusion) Opera

By malcolm Published: October 18, 2007

I forgot to mention this show in my column today (because I wrote the date wrong on my calendar, sorry) but this ought to be an interesting musical/visual experience for folks into such things.

This Saturday night at the Renaissance Performing Arts Center (138 Park Ave. West) in Mansfield, Cleveland jazz/rock/fusion instrumental band Rare Blend will be providing a live soundtrack to the 1925 silent film classic The Phantom of the Opera.

The versatile and technically impressive quartet has been honing their melange of musical genres and and improvisation for more than a decade and has released four albums, the most recent being 2006's Stops Along The Way.
Apparently, their Phantom soundtrack will be a mix of pieces specifically composed for the film and improvised sections.

This is the sort of think that can be a really cool and inventive blending of contemporary spontaneous musical creation and art from very different eras, It can also rather easily go horribly wrong and become a haphazard mess, particularly if the band isn't as musically savvy as they they are or gets to involved with their own noodling to support the visuals on screen.

This concert is part of a series that has also included Fritz Lang's still visually impressive Metropolis, the 1916 version of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, and the lesser known surreal, Italian action-adventure film Maciste In Hell from 1925.

Tickets for the show are $10.00 and $15.00 and can be purchased online or by calling The Renaissance Theatre at (412) 522-2726




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