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Phish opens Rock Hall Induction ceremony with Genesis "Watcher of The Skies"

By malcolm Published: March 15, 2010

Whoo Hoo!

As a long time (old school) Genesis geek I gotta say Watcher of the Skies is a pretty good opener for the scheduled four (4!) hour program.

I'm not particularly a Phish fan they did a pretty good job.

Here's the original band on the Midnight Special in 1973

Anybody else think Phil looks a bit bored with Trey's tribute speech?

Speaking of Eno's contribution to Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Greg Stone's radio program Stone Trek on KOME radio had a broadcast on 6/14/92 of an older interview, in which Eno was mentioned.

GS: While we're on "The Lamb Lies Down", how did you come across Brian Eno?

TB (Tony Banks): His contribution to the album is minimal actually; I often wonder why we even credited him, because what he did was very little...

GS: Confused everyone..

TB: Yes it did, it confused a lot of people I think. We came across him because he worked at Island -- he was involved with Island studios while we were doing the album, you know, and he was up in the other studio doing some things, and Peter invited him down just to do a few effects on the vocals, and basically that's what Eno did, he did those effects on "The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging", those sort of funny effects on the vocals, and also on "In The Cage"; that was really all he did.

Sorry Trey.

Well, 1 out of 2 ain't bad Phish's No Reply At All was pretty weak...

Here's the Band from the Three Sides Live video which MTV use to show quite frequently back in the stone age known as the 80's

Ain't YouTube fun?




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