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By malcolm Published: August 1, 2007

Here's a neat use of your broadband connection (seriously, if you don't have one, you're only wading not surfing the Interweb Super Roadway), music legend quincy Jones has started a 26 episode video podcast series on his website that will include "footage of the musician at work in the studio and at exclusive events around the world. Also featured in are Jones' takes on film, popular culture, politics and world events."

OK, for me it's the work in the studio that i'm interested in seeing and episode one gives us five minutes with Celine Dion in the studio recording her vocal for I knew I Loved You from the recent underwhelming tribute album We All Love Ennio Morricone.

Yes, I know five minutes with Celine Dion sounds like torture, but it's an interesting and educational clip especially for aspiring pop stars (which seems to be just about everybody under 25 these days) because whatever you may think of Ms. Dion's product, the lady can sing.
But it should prove instructive for anyone who things that being a singer is just going up to the microphone and belting out the song like you're on stage with the crowd awaiting your every syllable with baited breath.
Nuh-uh my little Cheetah Girl wannabes.
Watch Dion, Jones, co-lyricist Alan Bergman (I think) as they painstakingly go through each line of the song to get the right intonation, phrasing, volume, and other details as she interprets and records over the course of a few hours.
Now, that would be torturous.
I'm looking forward to episode 2 due this month.




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