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R.E.M.- Eddie Vedder' lungs--Jam On It

By malcolm Published: March 13, 2007

Peter Buck Didn't have anything to say, which is good because both Eddie Vedder and Michael Stipe (both lead singers, by the way) said plenty. Must be nice to have to worry about the music swelling behind you after 45 seconds.

That "Begin the Begin" was pretty grungy.

By the way, I've been watching the broadband stream of the ceremony on and in four and a half hours it's only crashed once (following the announcement "and now to speak about James Brown, The Rev. Al Sharpton") and it's been very much like watching Television.

Technology is advancing too fast for the legal departments of the music business.
The marketing departments know YouTube and myspace and other Web hotspots are/will be great advertising for various products.
But you simply can't control the internet (yet) and protecting your copyright is much harder on the World Wide Web.

Hey, there's Eddie Vedder singing Man In The Moon with R.E.M.!

HEY! There's Patti Smith & Lenny Kaye Singing I WANNA BE YOUR DOG With REM!
Gee, I wonder if R.E.M./Patti think the Stooges should have been inducted into the Rock Hall by now
By the way The Stooges new album, The Weirdness is a bit of a disappointment.
Iggy's the weakest link, lyrically (yeah, even for The Stooges) and performance wise. He just sounds tired on several of the songs.

The loose, star-studded end-of-the-night jam used to be a tradition of these ceremonies but they haven't really been gathering folks for the past few years.
It's good to have it back and Patti's "People Have The Power" is a good choice.
It's got a big chorus and uncomplicated chords folks can solo over easily (as Keith Richards and Stephen Stills are doing right now) and a positive Up With People Message.

Patti Smith and Sammy Hagar singing together on the same stage...that's what the Rock Hall induction ceremony is all about




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