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Rockin' n' rollin' n' keeping the show moving

By malcolm Published: March 10, 2008

The end of the first half hour and we've already gotten two of our inductees out of the way.

Look, I have no beef with Ben Harper.
Seems like a helluva guy who is a talented vocalist and player.
So why does he bore the hell out of me?

Also, he's apparently not to comfortable at a podium as his speech though (presumably) heartfelt, kinda sucks.

Damn, Little Walter doesn't have any surviving relatives who could have stepped forward to say thanks?
That's kind of sad.
Well, at least he's got a musical legacy if not a familial one.

Good choice of James Cotton rather than a flashier "hipper" harp player like say, John Popper or...uh...Ok, there aren't a lot of hip & happening harmonica players at the moment but you know what I mean.




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