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LeRoi Moore, Dave Matthews Band saxophonist dies

By malcolm Published: August 20, 2008


The AP reports:

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Broooooose to perform at Superbowl XLIII half time

By malcolm Published: August 12, 2008

Apparently still smarting from the fallout of a less than two second flash of a nipple (and Kid Rock sweating all over the American Flag, and P-Diddy adjusting his junk) The Super Bowl half time show will continue to enlist classic rock/pop stars with less interesting nipples and presumable pre-show adjusted junk.

Super Bowl XLII will feature Bruce Springsteen, whom SB officials said they've been wooing for years, who will perform on Feb. 1 at Phoenix Stadium in Glendale when the Cleveland Browns face off against The Oakland Raiders.

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Soul Legend Issac Hayes dead at 65

By malcolm Published: August 10, 2008

Yikes it's been a rough weekend.

First comedian Bernie Mac dies on Friday and now soul legend and 2002 Rock Hall inductee Isaac Hayes.

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Rod Stewart & Bryan Adams at Blossom

By malcolm Published: August 10, 2008

When Rod Stewart released It Had To Be You: The Great American Songbook, few folks, including Stewart, expected it to blossom into a multiplatinum juggernaut.
But after shifting 3 million units of the first volume Stewart's pet project became a phenomenon a there are scores of similar themed albums by better singers with better arrangements, but none of those folks were ever called "Rod The Mod."
Stewart rightfully, milked it for all it was worth , releasing three more volumes each of which sold at least a million copies, took a big band on tour and split his his set between the familiar "greatest hits" and a much less satisfying set of standards.
Mercifully, for the near full house at Blossom Saturday night, Stewart has apparently satiated his jones for standards and has returned to familiar musical territory. Ostensibly touring behind 2006's Still the Same... Great Rock Classics of our Time, yet another covers album Stewart's two hour set was pleasant trip through the 63 year old rocker's 40 years in rock and pop with Stewart playing the congenial host.
Following a humorously outdated CGI intro which referred to Stewart as "a rockbot from the future" called "The Rodminator" shown on the huge video screen behind the band, Stewart, dressed in a silver lame jacket and black pants opened with his 80's hit Some Guys Have All The Luck.
Stewart looked svelte and his signature rasp was in fine shape as he fronted an equally nattily attired septet which included a percussionist fiddle/mandolin player, a pedal steel player, a saxophonist and three backup singers dubbed "the laptops."
Stewart was fairly spry wiggling his hips and playfully mocking the laptops moves as he took the crowd through a relaxed trip through his back catalog with a few ballads such as The First Cut Is The Deepest and Van Morrison's Have I Told You Lately and a heartwarming and heartfelt take on Cat Stevens' Father & Son that included a montage of several generations of Stewart men eliciting seferal waves of ``awwwws´´ from the audience.
Stewart also rocked (and discoed) out a bit with solid version of 70's classic Hot Legs and got the rain soaked fans on the lawn dancing with Do Ya Think I'm Sexy and Stay With Me, the sole Faces tune of the evening.
There weren't many surprises (yes, Stewart kicked soccer balls into the audience), though few fans were likely expecting a drum duet in the middle of Downtown Train. With four decades of hits there were the expected questionable omissions (no Every Picture Tells A Story? no (Find A) Reason To Believe, but Stewart touched on all his eras (save the Jeff Beck Group) and sent fans home with their Stewart jones satiated.
Opener and fellow raspy voiced singer/songwriter Bryan Adams deformed an hour long set of his hook filled rock/pop with mixing his "rockers" such as Summer of ´69 and Cuts Like A Knife with a few of his diabetes inducing ballads and a couple of new songs from his album 11 that sounded as if they were recorded in a time warp. Just as with Stewart, Adams looked and sounded great and did a fine job of warming up the crowd with several sing-a-long moments.

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