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By malcolm Published: October 2, 2007

This oughta be a good one.
LIVENATION announced yesterday that the one and only STEVIE WONDER will be bringing his Wonder Summer Nights, his first in a decade to Quickens Loans Arena on Tuesday, November 6.
Tickets go on sale Monday October 8 and will be $49.50, $69.50 (to whom is that extra .50 going?) and an even $95. There are also a "limited number" of $200 "Gold Circle Seats" which, unless they seat me right next to Stevie's keyboard and I get to play a few chords every now and then throughout the show are simply to damned expensive.
I've never seen Stevie Wonder live but I do have a fantastic bootleg of his 1973 Wonderlove band playing the Rainbow in the U.K. featuring Maniac singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael Sembello drummer Ollie Brown and bassist Reginald McBride and the backup singers
Reportedly it was recorded for possible release but Stevie was unhappy with the quality of the soundboard recordings.
It's a shame that Stevie's Golden Period roughly 1972' Music In My Mind to 1980's Hotter Than July though many folks would exclude the 1979 "soundtrack" Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants
It's a loose at times seemingly freeform funked up jam session that begins with a 17 minute take on the instrumental Contusion (from Songs In The Key Of Life which had yet to be released).
It's the kind of R&B show that sadly could've only happened in the 1970's. I can't think off the top of my head of any contemporary artist that would begin their show that way except maybe D'Angelo, but he only makes a record a decade.

Anyway, I recall a cousin of mine going to see Stevie sometime in the 80s and he said it was fine but the band was bloated with a big horn section (good), a phalanx of backup singers (not bad unless their obnoxious) and three keyboardists/synth players in addition to himself (way baaaad).

Hopefully, Stevie will keep his band fairly simple like the 2005 special he recorded for the BBC featuring a fairly lean seven piece band with three singers.
But its been a decade since he toured the states so he may decide to go BIG.
Either way, I'm there.
How 'bout you?




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