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By malcolm Published: July 30, 2007

Let's hear it for F.Z. - AP reports that Frank's gotta street named after him.
Like many musical folks/forms that originate in this country (blues, Jazz, Cheap Trick), it has to go somewhere else to be fully appreciated.
The fact that the street is in the former East Berlin and is home to a giant practice space is apt.

BERLIN (AP) _ Berlin has named a street honoring Frank Zappa.

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Journalistic Hero of the week!

By malcolm Published: July 27, 2007

Nope it's not really about music, but Lyndsay Lohan does make albums and uh.. write songs.
And I'm sure if/when she comes through all of these trouble happier, healthier, sober, secure and bloated with rehab weight her next album will be a moving artistic statement of redemption and forgiveness.

Meanwhile, you gotta love Jack Cafferty for this classic moment

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5 Reasons I'll Miss the Lime Spider

By malcolm Published: July 27, 2007

Yes, the Lime Spider, the first drinking establishment I walked into when I came to Akron to interview for this job is having it's final show on September 9.
In no certain order

1) Damn fine beer selection - a very nice array of fine beers, barley wines malt beverages and cheap swill.

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...That's why it's called rumor and conjecture

By malcolm Published: July 27, 2007

Ah! another reunion rumor squashed
Well, according to Billboard magazine, Jeff Beck's management has stated that he will not be taking part in any Yardbirds reunion.
Too bad.

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I'm not one for Rumor and Conjecture..but

By malcolm Published: July 21, 2007's some rumor and conjecture I just received from a fellow music geeks (thanks Sheppard).

According to an "insider source" of Rolling Stone's there is talk that Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page will team with bassist Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty to as tour as THE YARDBIRDS.

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By malcolm Published: July 21, 2007

Not that Youtube needs any help from me.
But being able to share the viewing experience of these inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Cebu, Philippines really makes me feel like I'm doing something important.
And it's just a rehearsal.

They also do Queen's Radio Ga-Ga and I Will Follow Him from Sister Act.

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When you're a rock star..Death is not "The End"

By malcolm Published: July 12, 2007

So there's a new book by former Rock and Roll Circus (nightlcub) owner Sam Bernett (who also worked as V.P. of Disneyland Paris) that claims Jim Morrison OD'd and died in his club's toilet and that two drug dealers then took The Lizard King back to his apartment, and dumped him in the tub where they unsuccessfully attempted to revive him.
You'll be shocked to find out that this relatively new assertion is made in his recently released book "The End: Jim Morrison."
Morrison's dead right?
Like 30 plus years dead.
Really, really dead.
His girlfriend (and fellow junkie) at the time Pamela Courson, who found his body in the bathtub and told the fuzz the official story (we went to the movies, came home listened to records, he felt bad, got in the bath and died) is also very, very dead.
Is it possible that a rock star could die in the toilet stall of a nightclub with a likely very active bathroom (it was 1971, after all) and that tiny fact not get out for 30 plus years?

Seems unlikely.
At this point does it matter exactly when and where The Lizard King shed his corporeal skin?

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By malcolm Published: July 9, 2007


Music is everywhere. You can’t go into a retail store, office or restaurant without hearing some combination of songs and naturally there are not all classics.

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Speaking of the return of Sly Stone

By malcolm Published: July 7, 2007

So I'm watching the Live Earth telecast on Bravo and Duran Duran just played a version of Notorious with a chunk of I Want To Take You Higher thrown in the middle.
Not so Funky.

Please come back Sly.

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The Return of Sly Stone

By malcolm Published: July 5, 2007

A friend of mine just sent me a link to a fine article in the new Vanity Fair featuring an interview with Sly Stone who is appears to really on the verge of building a comeback.
You can read it here
Good stuff.

I (and many other Sly fans) have been bitching and moaning for years about the fact that Sly's catalog had received neither the box set treatment nor the DELUXE reissue/remastered/bonus cuts treatment.

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Oh! That's what this thing is for..

By malcolm Published: July 3, 2007

Cleveland's Bone Thugs-N-Harmony postponed their European tour today due to "reasons beyond their control" and tentatively plan to reschedule and expand the tour, their first of Europe, in the fall.
With a new and pretty good CD to promote, I believe the subsequent statement from their agent Jamie Sadler stating that "collectively [that] they're extremely disappointed by the events that have transpired and want to apologize to their fans for the fact that they'll have to delay their first ever European tour.

No offense, but without the (apparently) unstable wildcard that is Bizzy Bone in the fold, BTNH looked like they were on there way back...gotta wonder what "events" have to transpire to make them leave all that money and adulation on another continent.

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.....and this one time, at the B.E.T Awards?...

By malcolm Published: July 2, 2007

OK, where was I?
Oh! an astute reader pointed out that the B-3P0 outfit Beyonce opened her segment strapped in was a direct rip-off of..I homage to an outfit Miss Kylie Minogue wore during her 2002 Love at First Sight Fever Tour.
It still reminds me of a leftover costume from Metropolis or the cover of the Stars Wars Disco album by Meco

Miss Minogue's version can be found on Youtube (as can everything that has or will happen, I swear I saw footage of John Wayne's Bah Mitzvah! Whatta shana punim!)

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