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The Black Keys sue Home Depot & Pizza Hut

By Malcolm Abram Published: August 20, 2012

I've seen these commercials and the soundtracks sound like uh...sound-a-likes, to me. i.e. take the familiar riff sans vocals, record it in the same style (fuzzy, indie blues-rock) but change two or three notes to keep it legal.

Years ago Tom Waits won a suit against an advertiser for using a sound-a-like on vocals claiming they were besmirching his good name and artistic integrity by suggesting he'd sell some random crap for money.

Rolling Stone reports that Danger Mouse is also part of the suit.

 From the digital desks at the Associated Press:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Attorneys for Pizza Hut and The Home Depot are denying that a pair of ads improperly used music by The Black Keys.

The Grammy-winning band sued the companies in June, claiming they used the band's music to sell pizza and power tools. The companies separately denied the band's allegations in court documents filed Thursday and Friday in Los Angeles.

Each company is asking a judge to have the band pay their attorneys' fees if they win the case.

The Black Keys claim The Home Depot Inc. used elements of its hit "Lonely Boy" in an ad for power tools. The band accuses Pizza Hut Inc. of using elements of the song "Gold On the Ceiling" to sell a cheesy crust pizza.

Both songs appeared on the rock group's seventh album, "El Camino."





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