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The Return of Sly Stone

By malcolm Published: July 5, 2007

A friend of mine just sent me a link to a fine article in the new Vanity Fair featuring an interview with Sly Stone who is appears to really on the verge of building a comeback.
You can read it here
Good stuff.

I (and many other Sly fans) have been bitching and moaning for years about the fact that Sly's catalog had received neither the box set treatment nor the DELUXE reissue/remastered/bonus cuts treatment.

That happened this year (I think, might've been '06), but apparently no one told Sly as he claims they were made without his involvement.
Great, so maybe we'll get another batch of reissues a' la Elvis Costello whose catalog has been repackaged, reissued and deluxified at least three times (I've already got two different versions of "Blood & Chocolate").




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