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The Zeppelin Flies Again....for one night

By malcolm Published: September 12, 2007

Alright LedZep fans, get ready to soil yourself with excitement. According to the BBC Robert PLant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jone aka 75% of LED ZEPPELIN will be announcing plans for a reunion concert featuring Jason Bonham in his dead daddy's place behind the drums.

The concert will coincide with the release of a new Double disc Zep Best of (you didn't think they were doing this for poops and giggles did ya?) called Mothership, (really? another compilation?) on November 13.

Tickets for the event will, of course, be way over priced and the scalpers will, of course, gouge the hardcore fans willing to give up their first born for a chance to see a bunch of 60-somethings and a 40-something party like it's 1979.

There is a chance that if the show goes well (and by "well," I mean Plant/Page/Jones enjoy themselves) that a 2008 tour could be next.

That would add Led Zeppelin to the growing list of bands reuniting for cash and prizes which includes
The Police
Crowded House
The Spice Girls
(British boy band) Take That
Van Halen
The Smashing Pumpkins (forgot about that one didn't ya?)
The Jesus and Mary Chain

Obviously a full Zep US tour would generate more money than the GNP of several midsized countries.




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