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The Zeppelin WON'T Fly least until September

By malcolm Published: January 29, 2008

Though Robert Plant frets about "merciless repitition" when asked about the possibility of a full-fledged Led Zeppelin reunion world tour, Jimmy Page (as he has been for years) is ready to load up the private planes and hit the road according to this recent Billboard story.

Speaking in Tokyo today (Jan. 28), Page said, "The amount of work that we put into the 02, both for ourselves rehearsing and also for the staging of it, was probably what you'd put into a world tour anyway."

He noted that Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant "also has a parallel project running [with Alison Krauss], and he's really busy with that project, certainly until September. So I can't give you any news on anything at the moment." .

Plant and Krauss' album Raising Sand has been very well received and the unlikely pairing has produced a very relaxed and enjoyable album. I'll guess that Plant is a lot more excited by the upcoming Krauss tour which begins in April, than he is by the prospect of performing Dazed and Confused (which he introduced during the O2 show with the ambivalent "there are songs we have to play, and this is one of them) and Stairway To Heaven three or four nights a week for a year.

Methinks Pagey and Jonesy may end up disappointed by Plant's lack of enthusiasm for the tour idea come Autumn.

Keep hope alive, Zepheads.

Another interesting factoid from this article is Page's answer to the question of whether the average long standing and loyal Zep fan should purchase the new compilation Mothership

"Please don't -- I don't want you to buy it."

Wow, you seldom hear an artist suggest fans don't buy new product particularly when he's doing interviews to promote said new product. Apparently Page was dissatisfied with the previous comps, Early Days and Latter Days released in 1999.

"The overall packaging just did not have the quality of what we expect from Led Zeppelin and what I think everyone else expects from Led Zeppelin," Page said. "It just made sense to have something done so we don't have to think about it again."

At least until some new super groovy packaging comes along....




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