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Time for another Browns song

By Editor Published: December 17, 2007

Headline from today's paper.
[Note: Post your lyrics as a reply here, or ship your songs -- lyrics, MP3 or YouTube link -- to]

Ok, Northeast Ohio football fans, the Browns big Sunday win over the Buffalo Bills makes it official.
So, let's join metaphorical hands and say it loud and proud in the spirit of love and harmony that playoff caliber football engenders in the hearts and minds of fans.


Not only does there 9-5 record mean they have finally clawed their way out of the NFL's basement, it means that for the first time since 2002, Browns fans won't spend the last week of the regular season crying in their beers about yet another lost season.

So with nothing to cry about, it seems to us at The Akron Beacon Journal that it's time for Browns Backers to sing!

It's 2007, so there is no chance that Art Modell (feel free to pause and curse his name) will be giving fans "Brian Sipe-a-passing'' or a "Rutigliano Super Bowl team,'' for The Twelve Days of a Cleveland Brown Christmas.'
And, with Bernie, Bernie no longer throwing touchdown passes it's time to add a new song to the Browns discography.

Who's going to write and/or record this 21st Century ode to the playoff bound Browns?

You are.

We want you to come up with the next song for your beloved Brownies and it can either be an actual recording or it can simply be lyrics "as sung to the tune of'' (i.e. the way Bernie, Bernie appropriates Louie, Louie ).

So, do you think you can come up with words that rhyme with "Braylon'' or "Kellen?''

Perhaps you can dig into your thesaurus for ways to make "screw Pittsburgh'' sound lyrical, or insert "Cribbs,'' "Romeo,'' or "finally not an embarrassment'' into the hook of a great new song about these new Cleveland Browns.

Send your lyrics, links or MP3s to Malcolm X Abram at or post them directly to his Sound Check blog at He can also be reached at 330-996-3758.




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