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V.H. v4.5 is GO!

By malcolm Published: August 20, 2007

Alright all you Sinners, get ready to Swing!

The press release makes it O-fficial!.

At 10 a.m. on Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!
Tickets go on sale for "what promises to be the most exciting live tour this year"
That's right it's VAN HALEN

No, for real! They mean it this time!

It's been 22 years since the big, big rock group VAN HALEN got to small to contain the awesome rock n' roll power and massive egos of both David Lee Roth and shredmaster Eddie Van Halen.

But this Saturday (Saturday! Saturday!) YOU can get your own ticket to the Wed. October 10 tour stop on what is "considered by fans and media alike as one of the most highly anticipated tours in rock and roll history"

That's right, Damnit!

It said rock and roll HISTORY!

Come see Eddie and Dave still pretending to like each other (it'll only be the fifth show of the 25 date tour, so they should still be in the honeymoon phase)!!!!

See young Wolfgang Van Halen not be Michael Anthony!!!

Come find out who the hell is going to sing those girly-high harmonies!!

Come see young 15 year-old "Wolfie" learn waaay to much about the adult world in just a few short months!

Hear Dave sing all your favorites (more or less) the way they were intended to be sung/spoken!

Find out if 52 year old DLR is still comfortable wearing nothing but leather chaps onstage!!

Empty your bank accounts, steal from your parents and/or guardians, mug an old woman for her social security check, if you must but gather $57.00, $77.00 or 149.50 for limited VIP seating and come see VAN HALEN!






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