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When you're a rock star..Death is not "The End"

By malcolm Published: July 12, 2007

So there's a new book by former Rock and Roll Circus (nightlcub) owner Sam Bernett (who also worked as V.P. of Disneyland Paris) that claims Jim Morrison OD'd and died in his club's toilet and that two drug dealers then took The Lizard King back to his apartment, and dumped him in the tub where they unsuccessfully attempted to revive him.
You'll be shocked to find out that this relatively new assertion is made in his recently released book "The End: Jim Morrison."
Morrison's dead right?
Like 30 plus years dead.
Really, really dead.
His girlfriend (and fellow junkie) at the time Pamela Courson, who found his body in the bathtub and told the fuzz the official story (we went to the movies, came home listened to records, he felt bad, got in the bath and died) is also very, very dead.
Is it possible that a rock star could die in the toilet stall of a nightclub with a likely very active bathroom (it was 1971, after all) and that tiny fact not get out for 30 plus years?

Seems unlikely.
At this point does it matter exactly when and where The Lizard King shed his corporeal skin?





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