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Why Ashlee Simpson Still Sucks

By malcolm Published: May 4, 2007

Yeah, she appears to be working he way down to the "D list" and there probably aren't to many young girls who think she's the bee knees or want to be her when they grow up as there were two years ago.
But this simple AP story should remove any doubt that she and her father are completely full of poop

NEW YORK (AP) _ Ashlee Simpson, who made headlines last year when she turned up with a new image and profile, says she's still the same on the inside.

"I feel very confident with the way I look," the 22-year-old singer says in Cosmopolitan magazine's June issue, on newsstands Tuesday. "But I felt just as confident the way I looked before. I've always been confident with who I am."

Simpson _ the sister of 26-year-old Jessica Simpson, another tabloid fixture _ raised eyebrows when she debuted a more feminine look and softer profile, fueling speculation that she'd removed the bump that made her nose distinctive. When asked last spring if she'd had surgery, she told The Associated Press: "Maybe _ who knows!"

Simpson, who is working on her third album, says she has matured both as a person and an artist.

"I'm in a stronger place now," she says. "I'm coming into my womanhood, and it's changing my music."

As I recall, the basis of her ascencion to the near top of the teenybopper heap was that she wasn't the pretty blonde bimbo her sister was. She was (supposed to be) the gawky, scrappy, less stupid one, the "regular girl" trying to find her own space and come out from her "beautiful sister's" shadow and blah, blah blah, buy my records.

Ashlee, honey. You had some cosmetic surgery that flies in the face of your initial marketing scheme, fine.
At least have the guts to OWN IT.
"Maybe--Who Knows" is an idiotic cop out that isn't even logical.
It's YOUR damn face..Don't YOU know?
At the very least you could have said it's none of our damn business or something like "Yes, I had the bump in my nose removed and "fixed" some other stuff that wasn't really wrong to look more like my sister...SO WHAT!? Now I feel pretty!"

See, Ash (can I call you Ash?) if you had come clean about the face fixin's and then gone on to make obviously untrue statements about your rock solid self-confidence like the above, you would only appear to be shallow and forgetful rather than a shallow Lying Sack of Crap (in addition to being a Talentless Sack of Crap.)




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