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Your 2008 Rock Hall Nominees are....

By malcolm Published: September 27, 2007

the Beastie Boys
the Dave Clark Five
Leonard Cohen
Afrika Bambaataa
John Mellencamp
the Ventures
Donna Summer
have been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame according to Rolling Stone.

Here come the 80s, kids!
Let's see how 'bout if we pick five out of the nine
Well based on the inevitable broadcast which Rock Hall New York likes to pretend has no bearing on who gets in or by whom they are inducted, this shouldn't be too hard.

The Dave Clark Five was part of a voting scandal last year with folks alleging that they not Grandmaster Flash garnered enough votes to be the final inductee of the class of 2007 but they arrived to late to be counted.

Consequently, I think The DC5 have a very, very good shot to make the class of '08.

Oh hell yeah, that's gonna happen. Hate her or love her, she's been a frickin 'HUGE Star for the better part of 20 years, has had a truckload of hits and has influenced more than a few imitators. And let's not forget.
Wow! what great TV she'll make, what will she say?
OOOH, who will induct her? Will it be the embattled Madonna wannabe Britney Spears? Christina Aguilera?
Perhaps the blonde and nearly as ambitious Gwen Stefani will team up with Avril Lavigne to perform a medley of Madonna tunes?
The possibilities are nigh endless.

Moving on.

John Mellencamp - I'm taking a flyer on this one. He's been around a long time being MR Arena Roots rock man and, gee golly he sells Chevy Trucks. Solid, consistent songwriter who had a great pop run through most of the 80 and into the mid 90s.
Also, I just don't see the disco twins (Chic & Donna Summer) making it in this year. Afrika Bambaataa probably should have gone in before Grandmaster Flash (or at least the Furious Five) for his contribution to both hip hop and DJ culture, but I do believe that hip hop will be represented this year by...

The Beastie Boys- Yeah, the rapping white boys who crossed over (with their debut "Licensed To Ill") and then crossed over again going big time mainstream.
They are alive they have a new album of those groovy soundtrack 70's porn movie instrumentals and again, the stars will come out to induct/honor them.

Leonard Cohen
He's been eligible since the early 90s, is an icon amongst musicians (check out his start studded tribute film I'm Your Man) and his dedicated following.
But frankly the deep voiced poet/songwriter isn't a very sexy choice for the broadcast, is he? Nevertheless, the Rock Hall would like to solidify some sense of credibility before Motley Crue and Poison star readying their acceptance speeches, so this could be Cohen's year.
I'll bet he's thrilled.

My apologies to The Ventures, but they should have been in the Rock Hall a long, long time ago.
I don't know what kept them out in the early years of the voting other than perhaps the wealth of worthy candidates eligible throughout the 80's. Also, though their two guitar, bass, drums set-up is still the blueprint for a rock band, perhaps being associated with Surf music (but not Brian Wilson) and many of their hits were covers has been a detriment.
But certainly by the time we get to the classes of the mid 90's when folks such as Creedence Clearwater Revival (no disrespect intended) were being inducted the influential instrumental guitar band should have been an easy choice.
The only answer since the turn of the century is perhaps the band isn't among voters personal favorites, the aforementioned "cover band" or their general lack of sexiness for the Rock Halls' partners at VH1.




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