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YouTube data now part of Billboard Hot 100 chart-- "Harlem Shake" craze hits number one

By Malcolm Abram Published: February 21, 2013

Billboard updates itself which should allow artists whose music/videos skip the corporate ladder altogether and receive absolutely zero airplay on terrestrial or satellite radio to make industry tracker's many charts.

from the digital desk of the Associated Press


NEW YORK (AP) — Viral videos are hits on the Web, and now they can help propel a song to the top of the Billboard charts.

Billboard has announced that U.S. YouTube data is now one of the factors when ranking Hot 100 songs and songs on its other charts.

The new rule went into effect this week, with the viral-video hit "Harlem Shake" debuting at No. 1. Other factors include radio airplay, digital download sales, physical single sales, on-demand audio streaming and online radio streaming. Billboard's new rule incorporates all official videos on YouTube, including Vevo.

"Harlem Shake" by Brooklyn producer Baauer features few lyrics. The video has a heavy dance-flavored beat. It became a viral success thanks to hundreds of YouTube videos of people dancing to the song.


Harlem Shake has a "a heavy dance flavored beat," eh?

That's straight Trunk-Rattlin', Dirty South Trap Muzik from a Brooklynite right there, son!

If you've been living under a rock or just don't spend that much time on YouTube (and good for you, it's a major timesuck), then perhaps you are not familiar with the Harlem Shake Viral Phenomenon.

Because we like to keep you informed and as a public service, here's a few of the scores of videos that have been made by folks around the globe since the song's release last summer.

Interesting side note, Harlem Shake was released around the same time as PSY's global/viral hit Gangham Style, but it's taken the bulk of a year for Bauuer's thumpin' Trap track to reach viral levels and I don't think it's translated to radio airplay.






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