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And another thing ...

By Ron Published: June 2, 2011

And another thing ...

  • Terrelle Pryor is not who brought Jim Tressel down but star players turned out to be Tressel's Achilles Heel. Pryor, Troy Smith and Maurice Clarett, arguably the best to play under Tressel, all got in trouble to varying degrees. It just is sad. The allure of winning is just too much for us to turn away from. Tressel talked the talk but in the end he couldn't walk the walk.

  • Some of our area's best high schoolers will be playing this weekend. From track and field and baseball in Columbus to softball in Akron, these athletes will be going for state titles, so get out an enjoy them. They probably get the least attention from fans than any of the other sports.

  • The Indians' biggest plus for staying in the postseason race is the weak AL Central. Having a good cushion right now is great for a young team, especially one dealing with injuries.

  • Pitching, as always, will be the key for the Indians. I think if Fausto Carmona continues to sputter, eventually the Tigers and White Sox will run the Tribe down. But if he comes around, there will be a division winner in Cleveland.

  • I like where the Cavaliers are in the draft and moving forward.

  • Mike Brown was an outstanding coach for the Cavs. I know he had fans who didn't like him, but the Lakers obviously know what they are doing, and they hired the man. Also, LeBron James needs to send Brown a thank you if the Heat win the title. LeBron's defense is why the Heat are the better team in the Finals. And Brown taught LeBron a lot of what he knows about defense.

  • Luke Fickell. I don't envy him. Not a good situation to be in, and leading the Buckeyes through what will be at least two years of sanctions will be tough. I think he is just the new vest in Columbus. Whether it is bullet proof or not, is yet to be determined.



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