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Balanced Ledgers -- NCAA edition

By Ron Published: March 17, 2011

Thoughts on the Big Dance:

  • My Final Four is: Syracuse, UConn, Kansas, and Pitt. Just have a feeling the Buckeyes aren't going to get over hump this year. The short rotation all season bites them. By the way, I never get this right.
  • It's great that UA made it to this point. It seems Keith Dambrot has a  solid program in place, and it is always good to make these trips even when the team is not at its best. Experience always helps down the road.
  • The four TV stations being involved in the tournament is a great addition. Watch whatever game you want. TBS, TruTV, TNT and CBS will provide quality announcers and pictures.
  • Jay Bilas is the best analyst in college sports. He speaks well, makes good points and doesn't yell.



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