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Big East. Zips. Browns. And more

By Ron Published: December 6, 2011

It has been a little while but here we go ...

  • Boise State and San Diego State are joining the Big East for football only. I thought they were joining for frequent flyer miles and Marriott points.

  • The Browns have better players than in years past, so maybe that is why I think they look worse than ever. Just not sure how to fix their problems. They should be better than they are.

  • The Zips need to hire a coach with experience and with a name that can recruit. The man needs to sell the program to the players, and the fans. And that $61.5 million stadium is looking like it is causing more problems than it fixes.

  • The Cavaliers are back, well almost back. It should be an interesting season to watch Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson grow. Otherwise, there is not much to see.

  • The BCS is getting hammered as usual. But I think worse than Alabama playing LSU instead of Oklahoma State, is that Virginia Tech and Michigan got in at all. Boise State and Kansas State have better records and that should be the Sugar Bowl matchup.

  • The winter meetings for the Indians is like going to the Mercedes dealership with a $10 bill in your pocket and maxed-out credit cards.





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