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Box scores? Has their time passed?

By Ron Published: May 19, 2011

As technology changes, it makes it tough to know when to let go of the ways of the past. And this definitely applies to newspapers.

And for me, I just don't know about pro box scores. We no longer run NBA or NHL box scores, except for the Cavs and Blue Jackets. That extra space allowed us to run a Cavaliers notebook off every game. That seemed like a good trade. And I received few complaints.

Baseball seems different to me. It is such a tradition, it just seems wrong to remove them. But I also know I no longer read them. My fantasy baseball team, which stinks by the way, gets updated by the pitch on a sports website with details beyond the box score.

My iPad has an app where I can listen to any game, watch pitch by pitch and has an updated box score. If I handed over more cash I could watch every game. I also would probably be divorced.

Any way, as a sports editor, I see interesting stories move on our system each day that never see the light of day in the Beacon because of space. We don't hold local stories very often in sports so the extra space would go to better display of Indians coverage and more interesting national stories.

What do you all think? This is not a decision being made now. I am just trying to look ahead and trying to make sure we fill the paper with items readers want and need. Not something that they don't look at anymore. We aren't in a position to waste space.



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