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Day breaks: Basketball attendance plays part in MAC, too

By Ron Ledgard Published: April 4, 2012

Marla Ridenour points out in her column today that Ohio just raised the bar for MAC basketball with the money they are paying to bring Jim Christian back to the league, luring him from a Big 12 school.

One reason Ohio can do this, though, is its average attendance is the best in the league and has been for six of the past seven seasons. This year the Bobcats averaged 6,177 fans, nearly 2,500 more than Toledo, which was second in the league. Ohio drew a crowd of 13,011 for a game against Miami.

Next in the league was Ball State at 3,724 per home game, Kent State was fourth at 3,475 and then Akron at 3,440.

It seems to me before the Flashes and Zips join in the arms race in basketball, they might need to figure out a way to get attendance somewhere north of 5,000 per game. And with the success both teams have had the past 10 years, isn't it surprising that attendance lags that far behind these other schools?

Any answers for increasing the attendance?

Other thoughts:

* I see the Indians third or fourth in the AL Central. Definitely better than the Twins and worse than the Tigers. I will put the Royals in second then flip a coin between the White Sox and Tribe.

* I think Albert Pujols can carry the Angels to the World Series.

* I understand the Cavs plan to build a solid foundation but the past month has been brutal. Antwan Jamison's frustration is very understandable.




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