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Day breaks: NHL playoffs are way out of hand

By Ron Ledgard Published: April 18, 2012

 I love the NHL. I grew up a Penguins fan and was the perfect age for the Mario Lemieux hey day years.

I still think it is a better sport to watch and to attend than the NBA.

But these playoffs have been utterly ridiculous with all of the stupid attempts to injure by NHL players.

We have had Shea Weber of Nashville actually grab a player by the neck and slam his head into the boards. That was just a $2,500 fine.

Last night Raffi Torres of Phoenix left his skates and thrust his entire body at the head of Marian Hossa of Chicago. No penalty in the game.

The NHL needs to get its act in order fast before someone is killed.

In the NFL, all of the players who have been fined were receiving that because of a rule change. In the NHL, this is blatant attempts to injure the opponent. 

In fact, the NHL players need to police this themselves by starting with respecting the opponent.

It is just a shame the way they are ruining a great sport.




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