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Day breaks: With NFL, Goodell, it is all about money

By Ron Ledgard Published: April 6, 2012

With the Indians opener being a sore subject to many, I look to the NFL for fodder today.

League commissioner Roger Goodell is being lauded for the NFL's push the past 2 or 3 seasons to curb violence. TV announcers and Internet critics are calling for Gregg Williams career to be over for his role over bountygate.

To me, it is all a joke.

This is not being done for player safety. This is being done to protect the bottom line, the money.

All the quarterback rules are in place to protect the big contracts given the stars of the league. And the other rule changes the past few years aren't to protect the players from themselves. They are there because former players are suing the league, and Goodell and the rest of the league's lawyers are worried.

The Saints are the scapegoats for an NFL culture that craves the big hit. A fan base that wants to watch legalized violence. Why do you think UFC is so popular?

If Goodell was serious about concussions, they would be working on a way to protect linemen. They are the players, for the most part, who are dropping dead in their 40s from repeated blows to the head. They are the ones who get chewed up and spat out by a league that seems to have lost its way. And they are the ones the league is overlooking.

Until they do something about that, remember it is all about the money.

Bill Simmons of has more on the NFL and the Saints here.

Other thoughts:

* Not much to say about the Indians, other than they need to swing the bats. For all of our coverage of Opening Day go to these two spots, here and here.

* I have not been to a spring practice for the Zips but it is nice to read about Terry Bowden and the way he wants the Zips to play football. Here is George Thomas' coverage today.




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