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NCAA: Maybe no football playoff is right

By Ron Published: March 28, 2011

The biggest argument for a college football playoff is seeing what a playoff does for college basketball. Could you imagine a December Dash to match March Madness?

The biggest argument against it, of late, has been it would make the regular season meaningless. Right now a loss in September is painful in college football. A loss in November eliminates your team from a title game shot.

But I never bought that argument until today.

Look at the teams in the Final Four. All flawed, all riding hot streaks. This season the regular season didn't matter. Does anybody remember games back in November and December?

Now this type of run, is unusual. And no top one or two seeds in Houston is also unusual. But before you think about pushing a playoff over the BCS, remember you could get the second-place finishers in top conferences playing for the title someday. Making football in September and October meaningless.



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