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Notre Dame and other changes for college football

By Ron Published: September 21, 2011

With the college football landscape changing on a nearly daily basis, I thought it was time to put some things on the blog.

1. Texas A&M is going to the SEC, that is mainly due to Texas getting to call all of the shots in the Big 12.

2 Pitt and Syracuse opted to go to the more secure ACC than stay in the Big East. There is a feeling that there will be the top 64 teams (4, 16-team conferences) and Pitt and Syracuse didn't want to get caught standing when the music stopped.

3. West Virginia is getting locked out of the ACC and SEC expansion for two reasons. Academic issues, but more important, lack of TV viewers, this according to CBS Sports.

4. Missouri looks like it can be the 14th team in the SEC.

5. Notre Dame to the ACC, that doesn't seem likely but here is a column calling for it.

That is a quick update.

Here is a story about the Pac-12 standing pat.

Here is a story about the Big 12 in a truce mode.




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