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Box scores? Has their time passed?

By Ron Published: May 19, 2011

As technology changes, it makes it tough to know when to let go of the ways of the past. And this definitely applies to newspapers.

And for me, I just don't know about pro box scores. We no longer run NBA or NHL box scores, except for the Cavs and Blue Jackets. That extra space allowed us to run a Cavaliers notebook off every game. That seemed like a good trade. And I received few complaints.

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2012, yes, 2012 NFL mock draft from SI

By Ron Published: May 5, 2011

Well, the news is not who this Sports Illustrated writer thinks that the Browns will take in the NFL Draft next April but that he thinks they will have the third pick in the first round. And to top that off, Andrew Perloff predicts the Browns will take a quarterback.

My guess from reading comments and talking to readers is that most of you expect that the Browns will move forward from their 5-11 record of last season and that Colt McCoy will be the answer at QB.

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