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Readers assistance needed in creating a sports community

By Ron Published: March 24, 2011 sports fans, I am looking for a little help.

I need your involvement in making our site more of place to have a conversation about sports.

There are a number of ways for us to go, but seeing that this will need your participation, I figured I would come to you first and then go to my writers and see what we can create.

Why bring this up now?

I am amazed with the lack of commenting on our sports stories.

I know you all are fans of the Browns, Indians and Cavaliers and of the University of Akron and Kent State. I also know that you probably aren't very happy with any of the teams at this moment with the amount of losing that has been going on. But you still care. And that is what I want to tap into.

Your passion is our passion. My writers want to write great stories and report news that you desire. But we need feedback when we are missing something or when we are missing a storyline. We want you guys to lay out your arguments for what the teams are doing right and wrong. Maybe it will spark conversations between readers. We want to know when you agree with us and when you disagree.

My Cavs writer, Jason Lloyd, has used Twitter to let you all ask him questions.

My Browns writer, Nate Ulrich, attempted a sports chat.

They all have engaged commentators when it has been appropriate.

These are ideas but what I really would like to see is a spirited place that you want to come to any time your teams win, lose or draw. When they make a trade or a rumored to make a trade. When coaches are hired and when coaches are fired.

So to sum it up, what can we do to make this a destination where you come for the news of the day and you come to participate and to help stir us to what you are interested in?

So shoot me an email at or just comment on this entry. I look forward to your feedback.



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