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Readers: Spring football?

By Ron Published: April 12, 2011

Just wanted to know if you have noticed or found interesting the additional coverage of UA and KSU spring football.

My thought on having Tom Gaffney and Stephanie Storm provide more coverage was three-fold.

1. This is football country so let's treat it as such. I have studied a lot of papers in a similar situation as us and it is something they all do. If football is popular, never stop providing it.

2. Both schools are right here and employ and educate a lot of people.

3. With the new stadium and second-year coach, the Zips are interesting. And with a new coach and new AD, the Flashes are interesting.

The coverage will continue the rest of the week and then carry-on in the fall.

Since I moved here in 2000, I never could quite grasp the lack of interest in the local schools. I know Ohio State overshadows both programs, but they should have a niche in the community. I know winning would help, too.



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