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Top of the morning: Flossie back

By Ron Published: June 28, 2011

The Akron school board last night opted to overrule schools superintendent David James and chose to keep Tim Flossie in place at Firestone High School as football coach.

This situation is just another case of the odd way public schools work.

In nearly every district, politics plays a bigger role than anything else in determining which coaches stay and which go.

It really doesn't matter if the student-athletes are doing well in school or performing well on the field. It really only matters if the parents like you or not or if the board is behind you or not.

The area loses a lot of good coaches for all the wrong reasons and keeps some for all the wrong reasons.

Not sure of the fix but it might help to communicate with the players in these situations.

Here is our coverage of the Flossie keeping his job, board reaction.

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