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Yahoo! Sports nails college football again

By Ron Published: August 17, 2011

Bring on the Pulitzer Prize for the fine work that Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports performed in their investigation of the University of Miami football program.

But before you jump all over the Hurricanes, remember Yahoo! has been bringing the hammer down on college sports for the past few years with outstanding investigative reporting. They also, unlike ESPN, have no ties to these colleges, so they are more free to do good journalism.

Take the time to read these two articles about UM. It really makes me think that college football needs to stop, rethink why it exists and then figure out a way forward. But right now, the NCAA, remember that is not some rogue outfit, it is just an organizational name for the college presidents, needs to clean up its act.

This is getting more and more ridiculous by the story. Obviously Southern Cal's issues didn't stop Ohio State players from breaking rules. And the past didn't stop the situation in Miami.

Some are calling for harsh penalties against Ohio State and Miami, and I am fine with that. But it won't stop this mess.

The whole mission and how it is carried out needs to be looked at by the NCAA.

Here are the links to Yahoo! Sports.

Charles Robinson: Renegade Miami football booster

Dan Wetzel: Why Miami is in trouble 



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