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Cleveland Indians

4-4-09 Morning Roundup

By jcfortun Published: April 4, 2009

Fausto Carmona will begin this season the way he ended last year: Suspended.

The right-hander was suspended for five games at the end of last season for beating the crap out of Gary Sheffield.

(If I remember correctly, it appeared more as if he was giving Sheffield a noogie than actually beating the crap out of him, but beating the crap out of him just sounds better).

Carmona's suspension will be over by Tuesday though, when he will face off against Vicente Padilla.

As for pitching, Carmona is one of the few Indians pitchers who has had a strong spring training. He finished the spring with a 2.67 ERA and allowed eight runs, walked eight and struck out 13 in 27 innings, according to Sheldon Ocker.

That success continued into Friday when Carmona allowed two runs and six hits in five innings against the Astros.

Most of the Indians pitchers struggled with the dry air in Arizona this spring training, which Sheldon Ocker discusses in detail today.

Manager Eric Wedge released his starting lineup for Monday's game yesterday. As he has said all along, Travis Hafner is etched into the fourth spot.

Wedge had no problem defending the choice.

"I like having a couple of right-handers [DeRosa and Martinez] between Grady and Hafner even though Vic is a switch-hitter," he said (to Paul Hoynes). "I like having Jhonny Peralta in the middle as well. If you move Hafner down in the lineup, then you're going to end up with him and Choo right next to each other. That makes it real easy for [opposing pitchers]."

"I trust Travis," Wedge said (to Anthony Castrovince). "I trust the work he's done. He's worked hard, he's moving in the right direction, and I think it's important he knows I trust him. It doesn't mean he's going to get out the gate like gangbusters, and it doesn't mean he's not."

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