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Cleveland Indians

5-30-09 Morning RoundUp

By jcfortun Published: May 30, 2009

I always hate it when the Yankees win. No, not because I hate the Yankees that much. It's just that the New York headlines seem like it is the end of the world when they lose, much to my amusement.

The words "DOOM" and "DEBACLE" where nowhere to be found, in the New York headlines at least, Saturday morning. Instead the Yankees got just enough from Andy Pettitte. And were able to get three runs off of Cliff Lee. And well thats all you need before turning the game over to Mariano Rivera

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I really like trade rumors. It is always a good way to spark debate and it's always interesting, but it doesn't mean I always agree with them. 

A few weeks back, ESPN's Buster Olney dropped a little bit of speculation that the Red Sox could be looking for a young hitting  prospect "like a Matt LaPorta of the Indians" to replace David Ortiz. 

It was odd that, of all people, Olney would drop LaPorta's name. It makes me think that, at the least, the Red Sox and Indians did have preliminary talks about the Red Sox surplus of young pitching for one of the Indians surplus of young hitters, ala LaPorta.

That's all the blogosphere needs to hear.

Adam Bernacchio at the TheGhostofMoonlightGraham broke down why he thinks a swap of LaPorta for pitching prospect Michael Bowden makes sense for both sides.

Me, I am not so sure. It's not that I don't like Bowden, I just don't think trading LaPorta is a smart idea.

The Indians aren't sure what all LaPorta can do yet. Playing him sporadically, and in a platoon with David Dellucci, didn't help them figure it out during his brief stint in the majors. 

You have to trade something to get something though.

So, What do you all think?

Is trading LaPorta for pitching help worth it?

Got a better player in mind?

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