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Cleveland Indians

5-8-09 Morning RoundUp

By jcfortun Published: May 8, 2009

Could Thursday's game symbolize the rest of the Indians season? Or will the Indians, somehow turn these bullpen woes around? While it is still early in the season, its starting to get late for the Tribe and no answers are in sight.

Aaron Laffey pitched well out of the bullpen Wednesday night, but that moved forced the Indians to place Jeremy Sowers into the starting rotation, a move that worked for five innings.

In the sixth inning all hell broke loose.

Sowers allowed six runs in the inning.
Masa Kobayashi allowed five runs in the inning.

There were still no outs.

Per Sheldon Ocker:

''Jeremy just wasn't able to get anybody out in the sixth,'' he said. ''In the first five innings, his pitch count was way down, and he was in control of the ballgame. It looked like he got some pitches up, and they were able to square them up.''

The Red Sox scored 12 runs in the sixth inning before it mercifully came to an end.

Per the Boston Globe:

"I think Mike Lowell got mad because he was the first one who made an out. It was a little funny," said Julio Lugo, who started the inning with a single. "We didn't realize that there were no outs and we already had 12 runs (until) somebody made an out."

It was the most productive Major League inning in 56 years, according to the Globe.


Paul Hoynes game story.

-- The award for best Manny Fan sign of the day.....

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