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Cleveland Indians

A touching moment for Lofgren

By sstorm Published: August 2, 2008

The event I'm about to write about had nothing to do with baseball and came before Saturday's game even started. But I loved it.

If Aeros fans wanted a glimpse into the kind of person Aeros pitcher Chuck Lofgren is, you should have seen the smile on his face as he led his mother Pam Lofgren out onto the mound before the game.

Earlier in the day, Lofgren had convinced his mother, whose spent the last few days visiting with her son before heading back home to San Francisco, Ca., to throw out the first pitch with him serving as her catcher at home plate.

Lofgren said mom resisted initially, but eventually gave in with some prodding. So there was no one more proud of her, even though she one-hopped the toss to her son. Chuck grabbed the ball, quickly jogged out to the mound and planted a kiss on his mother's forehead - then promised to take her out for a margarita after the game.

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