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Cleveland Indians

Acta: No hard feelings between Tribe, Rangers

By Sheldon Published: July 7, 2010

ARLINGTON, Texas: In the first two games of this series, seven batters have been hit by pitches, and that doesn't count Chris Perez throwing a fastball behind Elvis Andrus in the eighth inning of Game 1.

Nevertheless, umpires have issued no warnings, and only once -- when Andrus was buzzed -- did a batter express any hostility toward a pitcher.

""I don't think so,'' manager Manny Acta said when asked if there was any angry intent involved. ""We don't have any animosity with them. We get along just fine.

""A lot of the pitches have been breaking balls to the foot. You have to have pretty good command if you're going to do that. And they have one of my favorite coaching staffs in all of baseball. I know that we're not going to be aiming for anybody's toe.''

Only Perez's behind-the-back pitch to Andrus seemed to be a purpose pitch. It came after Andrus knocked Matt LaPorta out of the game by elbowing him in the head as Andrus steamed across the first base bag trying to beat out a ground ball.

Austin Kearns was hit three times in the first game of the series, but at least two of them were on breaking pitches.

Going into tonight's game, the count is: five Tribe batters hit, two Rangers hit.

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