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Acta: Nothing frustrating about baseball

By Sheldon Published: April 22, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS: Baseball is not a frustrating enterprise to Manny Acta.

Some fans might doubt Acta's sincerity, citing the fact that he hasn't been the Indians' manager long enough to know where his frustration level really is. But keep in mind that for 2 1/2 years Acta was manager of the Washington Nationals, a team with little talent and not much more hope.

""I don't get frustrated with baseball,'' Acta said this morning. ""It's a great job. I can get disappointed with baseball but not frustrated. What frustrates me are violent people, negative and sarcastic people and disrespectful people. Also slow drivers in the left lane.''

Golf is one of the most frustration-producing sports known to man, but not to Acta.

""I don't throw clubs or swear when I play,'' he said. ""But I have a buddy who does. He'll start talking about, "Why do I bother to play this (bleeping) game?' Then when we get to the 18th hole, he says, "What time we playing tomorrow?' ''

Managers can't afford to become frustrated. Once they do, it's difficult for them to do their jobs and deal with players who cannot succeed day in and day out.

Fortunately for Acta, he has been around for only a portion of the Tribe's recent negative achievement: losing 21 of their past 23 road games, dating to last year.

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